Media Services

Corporate Branding, Marketing Collaterals, Website and Application Development, are just a few of the services catered to, by our Media Services wing. Click on the links on this page to see samples of the works we have done.

Online Product Marketing & Sales

We are promoting selected products through our Portal. This is only to provide assistance to individuals as well as small establishments to market their products, who cannot afford to spend a lot on Product Marketing.
We have a full-fledged Web Store selling variety of products at competitive rates. We have tied up with major brands when it comes to products like Electronics, Household Items, Beauty Care Products, Toys, Books and other Consumer Goods. Our Web Store will be functional very soon.
When you buy things from our Web Store, you are participating towards a great cause because a portion of our Sales Turnover goes to charity around the world.


Coaching classes on various subjects will be available through our E-Learning Portal. These are interactive as well as downloadable lessons which you can use to enhance your knowledge at your convenient timings. There is no strict class timings and the contents can be downloaded to your local machines. You can then go through the lessons wherever you are and it does not require you to have and internet connection. At the end, you will take a Self-Evaluation Test to test the effectiveness of the course.
We are also launching e-Tuitions for school going children starting from Grade V, where children can study at home using our Virtual Class Room setup. A batch of students will be allocated to a batch and the Teacher will host the session and teach the students from our Studio. Students will participate by Logging On to the Class Room Sessions. This is a very effective mode of tuitions where children as well as parents are relieved of the hassles of drop off and pickup during the peak hour traffic in major metros.